D111 卡片 怪怪們的歡樂聚會 Monsters winter Gathering

《Chia DNA》D111 卡片 怪怪們的歡樂聚會 Monsters winter Gathering

★A6 Folding card.
★Use for Birthday card, Baby Birth card, Gift card, etc
★Paper material: Linen paper with pearl white, 250gsm
★With an envelope

▼Monsters Winter Gathering

The names of these monsters are Deery, Boar, Freddy, Mice and Chippy from left to right in the picture below.

Freddy generates numerous heat. During the winter, he lives with Monsters in a village. However, when the summer comes, he has to move to cooler place like South Pole alone. He hates being alone in the South Pole and feels lonely every summer. The only thing that he can do, is wait until summer is finished. Then he can go back to the village and enjoy the winter time with his friends, Freddy. Deery, Boar, Mice and Chippy. His friends also feel really sad for him so they decided to take an action to solve Freddy’s issue, over heating in summer…. (To be continued…)


★品牌故事: CHIA DNA★ Introduction:


小時候,夢想環遊世界、立志成為漫畫家。長大後,決定 Follow my heart。 因緣際會之下,讓我來到荷蘭念藝術;緣份,讓我逗留於歐洲。我成了不小心闖入遊戲設計的插畫家與視覺設計工作者。夢想那天能有一間自己的設計咖啡/茶館,在店裡,與客人喝喝茶聊聊天、做做設計、畫畫插畫… 歡迎到我的線上作品集參觀喔!

My name is Yu-Chia Huang. I am a Taiwanese illustrator and artist who lives in the Netherlands. I love to draw all kinds of different creatures from my imaginary world (like monsters and cute robots) and to explore different art styles and design fields.

I grew up with Japanese animation, like the works of Kon Satoshi, Hayao Miyazaki. They opened the door to my imagination. Sometimes I even wish that the creatures from those animations would be surrounding me, how nice would that be! When I was a teenager, I got to know western art and European artists, like Salvador Dalí, René François, Guislain Magritte, Jheronimus Bosch, etc., and their art helps me to broughten my views and expand my borders. These experiences made my art more rich and my illustration more interesting.

I have explored many different fields, like graphic design, illustration, game art, ceramic making etc. Now it is the exciting moment to combine them, and create something wonderful. Let’s see which kinds of sparkles it will bring us!


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D111 卡片 怪怪們的歡樂聚會 Monsters winter Gathering

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  • 品牌: Chia DNA
  • 型號: D111
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