BR01 Brise Air Purifier C200

BR01 Brise Air Purifier C200

Article Number: BRISE C200-EU
Model: BRISE C200
Description: Brise C200 Air Purifier (EU)  
EAN: 8719326239729
Piece per carton: 1
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BRISE is very different from other ordinary air purifiers. With individual input setting, BRISE will function in personalised and optimised way. These scenarios are a few examples. Of course, BRISE still learns from you and improves everyday.

▼Family of pets owner:  Dust, Dander, Hairs, Mold, Smell
Advice:  BRISE mode + Pets option + Combo filter

▼House with open kitchen:  Particulate matter, Smoke, Smell, VOCs
Advice:  2 BRISE units (Living room and Kitchen mode) + Collaborating + Combo filter + ventilation

▼Room for new born baby: Dust, Smell, Mold, Bacteria
Advice:  Baby room mode + Noisy limitation control + LED pannel light control + Combo filter

▼Family member with allergy /asthma:  
Advice:  BRISE mode + Allergy option + 24/7 function + Monitor air quality statistic + Sharing fnction

▼Artist's studio:  VOCs, Particulate matter, Mold
Advice:  Studio mode + Odors or Combo filter + Scheduling function

▼Pedicure and Manicure salon:  VOCs, Bacteria, Smell
Advice:  Studio mode + Combo filter + Scheduling function + Noisy control

▼Office with more than 5 people:  Dust, Bacteria, Smell
Advice:  Multiple BRISEs collaboration+ Office mode + Combo filter + Scheduling function + Noisy control

▼Clinic and hospital:  Bacteria, Virus, VOCs, Smell
Advice:  Clinic mode + Combo filter + Scheduling function + Sharing function

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BR01 Brise Air Purifier C200

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